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The Bible teaches believers that we are to walk by faith rather than by sight. However, we quickly find out that walking by faith does not come automatically, but rather it comes by hearing God’s Word consistently: believing it, meditating it and trusting God to bring it to pass in our lives.

The Promise

That was the message that I pondered in my heart as I learned how to navigate the wilderness experience that would bring me into my land of promise, if I could hold out until my change came.

As we travel along our faith journey, there comes a time when the Spirit calls us into a “wilderness experience“. The wilderness represents a place where we draw closer to Abba Father. It is a place of isolation, preparation, and revelation. We are called to a place and time of separation (unto Him) for the preparation of God’s purpose and His will revealed for our lives.

You have a promise from God…

But first, you must journey through your spiritual wilderness in order to receive it.

You must awaken to His purpose.

The Process

The wilderness is a place of stark contrasts: it is a place of desolation, yet you are never closer to the Lord than when you are in the wilderness.

You are in stark need, but the Lord is there to provide your every need as you learn to trust Him.

You may feel overwhelmed, but if you embrace what God is doing in your life, you will find rest and peace.

The key is knowing what season you are in so that you navigate this season of your life successfully.

Our family travelled the U.S. for over ten years ministering with our missionary outreach prayer and tract ministry without any sponsors (that means we lived totally by faith).

We have ministered to hundreds of thousands about God’s willingness to change the narrative of your story when you change your mindset: How you perceive yourself, the world, and the love and power of God in your life to elevate you.

As you prayerfully journey through Spirit-led lessons, you will discover how to navigate those difficult times when you are in the cocoon of the wilderness, using spiritual strategies that will help you to move forward so that you are transformed into what God has created you to do and be.

God is too faithful to fail you. He has a good track record in your life. And the work that He has started in you, He is faithful to perform it. May He be glorified in your life. Amen!?

Meet the Williams Tribe

For over a decade, our family traveled the U.S. preaching, teaching, and reaching out with our prayer and tract outreach ministry. We stand as witnesses and a testimony of God’s faithfulness to those who believe.

Earlier in our missionary journey, a bicyclist touring the United States interviewed us at a local McDonald’s in Carpinteria, California.

We were navigating our wilderness season as we walked out the call of God on our lives.

During the interview, a mother-in-the-Lord stops by to encourage us to keep going: “He will lead the way.”

I want to encourage you to keep going. Don’t get stuck in your wilderness season. You will come out on the other side of your wilderness journey. Seasons do change. Stay focused on Jesus (the Word): He will lead the way. And He will use your story for His Glory. Amen!?

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