As you celebrate Dad (or his memory) this Father’s Day, remember to say a prayer for Dads everywhere, and perhaps start a Father’s Day tradition with the reading of a poem!

The Strength Of A Father’s Love

There’s nothing like a father’s love 
Whose blessings come from God above 
A dad to guide you in the right direction 
Being there for assurance and life long protection 

Helping a son to grow into a young man 
Sharing his dreams whenever he can 
A little more protective of his baby girl 
Being there for her as she prepares for the insanity of this mixed up world 

Having the father and son talk 
Holding his daughter’s hand when they go for a walk 
Understanding when things go wrong 
But always supporting to keep his children strong 

Teaching the lessons of life 
Helping his children to understand the duties of a husband or wife 
Always trying to keep a smile on their face 
Being there with his loving arms for them  to embrace 

Sharing the good times 
Being supportive through the bad 
Trying to protect you from the gloomy and feeling sad 
He’s not a miracle worker however he will try his best 
Because FATHERHOOD is not easy and it can be a complicating test 

All men are blessed with that special gift of a father’s instinct and love 
Which was implanted from the beginning  by God above 
With some men it comes natural 
With some it needs to grow 
Prayer and understanding is something all fathers should know 

For all the fathers who are no longer  on this earth with us here 
Your love and memories  to us are so very dear 
You may physically be gone but your love lives on 
There are some who never got to share the father’s dream 
But with faith, belief, and trust, you have our Heavenly Father on your team 

There’s no father around who has the Ultimate and Divine power 
Like that of our Heavenly Father who’s whose there each and every hour 
He will never let you down 
Shares his love and is forever around 

Many  of us have a father, stepfather, grandfather, a godfather or more 
In spite of everything, always remember that you’re never fatherless because our Heavenly Father is consistently knocking at our door 
Happy Father’s Day To All 
Use your blessings wisely 
Love deeply  from the heart from the start!!!


Grace and Peace,



****A Prayer for encouragement and the healing of the soul this Father’s Day – A Father’s Day Prayer of Blessing by Rebecca Barlow Jordan.