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Did you know that the Israelites journey from Egypt into the wilderness with the promised land being their ultimate destination correlates with God’s children spiritual journey today?

What is Spiritual Wilderness?

Before you were saved, you were enslaved to the devil; at some point God calls you into the wilderness (into deeper fellowship with Him); and then you are released (with spiritual power) into what you were put here to do for the King’s glory.

You are here because you have exited your Egypt (you have been born again); but you have not yet entered into your promised land (seeing your dreams, your desires, your purpose fulfilled).

You are in the wilderness. It is where you are stripped of everything that has you in your comfort zone. The wilderness is a place where you are in survival mode, and you either learn how to survive or you die there.

However, your wilderness experience is more than just a desert place of survival; it is far more than that. It is a place of intimacy with Jehovah. It is where you learn how to completely depend on the Holy Spirit for your very sustenance. You are to humble yourself under the mighty God. It is in this place that you find your reason for being.

When Jesus exited His wilderness experience, He came out and into His earthly ministry. This is the same process by which we must follow if we are to successfully exit our wilderness season. Just like Jesus, we must not give place to the devil or our flesh; but to resist them and walk after the Spirit.

The wilderness is a place where we build our faith, endurance and ability to trust God regardless as to what we see in the natural realm. We learn to trust God for what He has said in His Word and we determine to believe and say what He has said about us; when we stand on His Word, we are more effectively able to resist the lies of the enemy.

The wilderness is a place of isolation, testing, and revelation for the preparation of unlocking the power of God within you. Your mission should you decide to take it on is to follow the pattern that has been laid before you in God’s Word so that you will press into your promise.

My Testimony

My wilderness experience started right before I was married, and I really thought that the Lord was trying to kill me. I went from the big city, to a small country town. I had no job, no money, and I was married to this preacher (smiling emoji) whom God had put in the same boat (no job, no money).

I’m pretty sure to most people, most of the time we looked like a couple of idiots. Oh, and to make matters even more interesting, we were having babies along the way! My Lord and my God, it was rough ya’ll. It gets better (not really).

We were then called to travel the country with (children in tow), with our pray and outreach ministry. We were like John the Baptist, walking out the call of God on our lives while in the wilderness.

If I could describe it, I guess that I would say that it was painful and adventurous at the same time. Painful, because we were totally out of our comfort zone, but at the same time we were in the center of God’s will; so then His grace was sufficient for the journey. And the more that we learned how to lean into that grace, the better we were able to navigate our journey.

Time and space will not permit to tell the whole story here. That is my bestseller that will be released at the appointed time.

My mission here is to express my desire to help those who are going through the same experience, to offer you information, inspiration and answers to questions that you may have.

That is why I designed this foundational online mini-course. I pressed through the pain to help those who are going through their wilderness journey that you can do it!

The Mini-Course (soon to be released) will help you to: 1)Put your focus on God, rather then your circumstances, 2)move you through your wilderness experience with the right mind-set; 3)assist you in locating yourself and, 4)give you the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate this incredible season in your life that has been designed to propel you into your place of destiny.

God Has Not Forgotten About You!

The fulfillment of your destiny requires a wilderness season. It is designed to help you locate yourself and take appropriate action. This is your time and season to move forward into what God has called you to do. Join me on the inside of this mini-course to lay the foundational steps necessary to exit out of your wilderness and into purpose.

Allow the Spirit of God to breathe on you in every area of your life, and you will learn how to bloom where you are planted! God has not forgotten about you, but He does have prerequisites for your exit from the wilderness.

Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.

isaiah 60:1

Grace and Peace


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