How I Turned My Pain Into Purpose (Glad To Be Back!)

I had to come back and rewrite the title and intro to this post because I realized the error of my ways. I wanted to express that my long hiatus was really unintentional, and at the time, I felt out of my control. And what seemed like it would take a few days to fix turned into a few months.

I truly am glad to be back, and I just wanted to apologize to my fellow bloggers/readers for my abrupt absence. Thank you to all who have supported my blog. I really, really do appreciate it.

Here’s the back story of my absence:

My Mac went into a died. I tried to doctor on it myself and later took it to the technician only to be informed there was no hope. No hope? No hope? I felt like I was under attack, and I was not going out like that!

But the truth is that I struggled with what I was going to do. This blog was, after all, a part of a ministry that God had given me that had been silenced. After several days of contemplative prayer, light shone into my darkness. I decided that I would come out of this situation better than when I went into it.

I Decided to Let My Pain Move Me Into Action

And so, I have spent the last few months building this online ministry. Atlas, I went into creation mode and started developing the projects that the Lord had been speaking to me about. Yet, I had not gotten around to completing any of them. After I decided that I would refuse to be defeated, I looked up and saw the light. I didn’t see it before (I was too devastated), but my daughter’s Mac was literally stuffed in a small drawer of my desk where she had left it for the summer. Hallelujah! I was back in business. And I had a lot of work to do. What happened next was nothing short of amazing.

After a few weeks of rolling up my sleeves and getting down to business, I am excited to announce the launching of my new blog home, the grand opening of my online store- Inspirational Wall Art, our new Youtube ministry channel: Bold As A Lion Outreach Ministries, and my new author website.

I invite you to take a tour and browse around. I pray that you, too, will get inspired to kick the procrastination habit-move beyond the distractions, stay the course, and finish that assignment that you have been meaning to finish.

So grateful to be back! Grace and Peace.


I’d love to hear some testimonials of how you turned your pain into purpose.

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